The Neri Restaurant offers every week a Mediterranean, creative, fresh and seasonal menu. Our kitchen team prepares a new menu every Monday so you can enjoy the best cuisine also on weekdays.

Menu from 22nd to 26th May



  • Peasant's llonganissa from Vic


  • Cold cream of asparagus with radish
  • Salad of smoked salmon, tomatoes and red onion
  • Poached egg with mash potato and ham shavings

Main course

  • Grilled gilthead bream with venere rice and vegetables
  • Pork tenderloin in its sauce

Chef ́s recommendations

  • Iberian pork slice with fennel, ginger and orange 5€
  • Shrimps and angler fish black rice with allioli 7€


  • Crêpe Suzette

Opening times and prices

  • Lunch time from Monday to Friday 27€ (includes coffee and water/soft drink or glass of wine)
  • Includes 1h time free at Saba Catedral parking
  • Booking: +34 93 304 06 55

Download our daily menu PDF