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All these craftsmen were led by interior designer Cristina Gabás, together with the technical cooperation of architect Juli Pérez-Català, who managed to give all rooms the personality and ambiance required to make Neri H&R a time-travel destination taking you on a marvellous journey through creativity and art.

To create a unique ambiance, "to play with the limits without falling into vulgarity". The inspiration is to strike a balance between excess and moderation in order to find the point of virtue, where both extremes complement one another.

  • Cristina Gabás
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Architect who designs pieces of furniture and builds them, with wood and iron sheeting.

Weaver, who weaves wire to create lamps with a magic light.

Etcher, who, when he's finished printing, makes tables with his plates.

Mural painters, who could well be reincarnations of Renaissance artists.

Artists from the Tropics, capable of immersing us in nature through their canvases.

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The courtyard and the façade of the palace were restored, including the original graffiti and a second courtyard was created, to provide natural light to the corridors accessing the rooms and to connect them with one another. This second courtyard is minimalist, contrasting and highlighting the historical Courtyard of the Sant Sever Palace.


  • Francisco Rivas
  • Damián Rivas
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