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Barnacles velvety fennel cream, barnacles and cockles 15,00€

Collage of shrimp, green beans and textures of tubers 19,00 €

Mini vegetables with crispy ham and ground aromatic herbs 14,50 €

Salad of pickled oysters with Chinese noodles 16,00 €

Pickled partridge mousse with candied golden pork scratching and bouquet of semi-frozen apple and celery 20,00 €

Crab ravioli and coconut soup 18,50 €

Surprise of foie on earth and truffle aroma 21,00 €

Sauteed wild mushrooms casserole with foie poêlé 16,50 €


Black rise with seaweed and lobster 30,50 €

“ False sea cucumber “ of squid with scallops, gold bar and black olive crumbs 21,50 €

Longline hake on pil-pil of asparagus and organic eggs cooked at low temperature 20,50 €

Sea and mountain ,crayfish, mini squid, shellfish and mini meatballs of chicken “pagés” 22,50 €


Braised veal with horseradish sauce, “cap I pota” and truffled mashed potatoes 21,50 €

Tribute to the Iberian pork, terrine with bacon and mellow wine sauce flavoured wit cinnamon 23,50 €

Roast loin of venison and pear tatin 18,50 €

Wagyu sirloin and mushrooms panache 30,50 €

Foie spiced with aromatic herbal salt, with glazed onions and apple sauce 28,00 €

From the Boqueria Market has arrived a basket full of …


Ti-ra-mi-sú 11,00 €

Crispy cylinder filled with red fruits and strawberry soup with yoghurt foam 11,50 €

Chocolate coulant with passion fruit sorbet and granite of basil 14,00 €

Cake and pistachio ice cream 11,00 €

Farmhouse cheeses 15,00 €


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