INFORMATION Reception, Concierge and Room

Thank you for choosing us! We hope you enjoy both the city and the Neri experience inside and outside the hotel.

Our Reception

Available 24 hours

Dial 9 - Reception

Dial 0 - Outside calls

WhatsApp: +34 650 989 826/ (24 hours)

Check-in: at 3 pm

Check-out: before 12 noon

Late check-out: with surcharge, depending on availability.

Improve your stay with a higher room category. Inquire at Reception.

        We will also store your luggage so you can enjoy the city even more.

Concierge Service

We will be pleased to assist you in booking restaurants, outings, transfers, tours or any other experience you're seeking in Barcelona.

Don’t hesitate to contact us by dialling 9, or come see us in the Hotel lobby.

We suggest that you learn about the dining options in our a Restaurant. It's a fun experience, brimming with personality and flavour.

Book now! 

Here's a sneak peek at some of the experiences we recommend:

  • Enjoy a route around some of the best vineyards in the Penedés region. A unique tasting experience.
  • Discover every corner of the city. Let us guide you through the most unique spots and learn all the city's secrets.

  • Experience the city on two wheels in an ecological, healthy way. Get around like a local!
  • Feel the pleasure of the sea with a boat ride or a visit to the Costa Brava.

 Your Room

Cleaning your room to make it more comfortable and safe is one of our priorities.

Before your arrival, you room has been sanitised following the protocols set by the company Intertek Cristal, experts in quality control, safety and hygiene.

We have a Certificate of Prevention of the Spread of Infections. For more information, ask for Darío, our Rooms Manager, of Cynthia, our Housekeeping Supervisor.

We clean your room every day. If you do not want us to offer this service, do not hesitate to tell us by dialling Reception or leaving the Do Not Disturb card on your door.

We care for the environment! Please let us know if you would like us to change your sheets or towels.

Dial 9 - Reception

Dial 0 - Outside calls

Remember that smoking inside your room or in the Hotel’s communal zones is not allowed.

Because of the exceptional situation today, we have cut back on our amenities, mini-bars and decorative elements. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any of them; they are all properly disinfected and will be delivered following the safety protocols. We continue to work every day to adapt to any new developments that may arise.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Wi-Fi in your room or apartment and the other communal zones in the Hotel NERI.

Network: Hotel_Neri

Username: HotelNeri

Password: Bcn.2021


Wi-Fi Séptimo Cielo (Casa Neri terrace)

Network: CasaNeri

Password: Televes1234

Laundry/Dry Cleaning Service: Please let us know that you need the laundry service by dialing 9 before 11am, and you will receive your clothes back the same day from 8pm. Delicate garments or garments needing special attention in 48 hours. Please fill out the form you will find in your wardrobe and notify us so we can process the order as quickly as possible.

Coffeemaker: We are pleased to offer you coffee and tea service. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more supplies by dialling 9.

Teapot: On request.

Your room contains a directory where you can find the Breakfast menu, Room Service menu and prices for items in the mini-bar.

Room Service: Please order by dialling 404. Dishes available 24 hours.

Pool Towels: You will always find a pool towel in your room so you can relax in Roba Estesa (the Hotel's terrace and sunroom).

TV Channels: You will find a list of the channels available, by language, next to the TV remote control.

Turn-down Service: Every day, with a courtesy bottle of water.



In-Room Massage Service

Dial 9 to book.

ü  Regain your harmony (60 min. / €75)

Relaxing massage to lower stress and relax body and mind

ü  Recharge your energy (60 min. / €75)

Toning and sports massage to activate and renew your energy.

ü  Pamper your feet (60 min. / €75)

Foot reflexology. Massage on the reflex points on the feet to balance the entire body.

ü  Sweet cinnamon (60 min. / €75)

Massage with cinnamon and wheat germ oil, with antioxidant properties and vitamin E.