At Hotel Neri we believe in the need for environmental preservation, and we constantly seek out more logical and rational ways to interact with the world around us.

We are prudent in our use of materials and attentive to the best use of space when constructing or renovating buildings, with an aim to optimize natural energies and create more humane spaces that place a premium on comfort and convenience.

We use natural materials: naturally grown and treated woods that are not the result of indiscriminate felling, and we never resort to the use of varnishes, paints or any other treatments that could be toxic.

Smooth walls, natural paints and colors meticulously selected to create calm and relaxing environments.

Our curtains and upholstery are of natural fabrics, satin and 100 X 100 cotton.

The linens in the rooms are satinized cotton and the towels are natural plush.

Hotel information is always printed on paper that meets FSC standards of certification.

We take maximum advantage of natural resources and ration our energy use; we install energy-efficient lighting and we control its use with motion sensors; we reduce water usage and recycle generated waste.

We know that "protecting our natural environment is the most important challenge facing us today".